What People Are Saying

“I have always been active, but I have struggled with my weight and strength. At 60 years old I wanted to find a program that would give me the tools I needed for better nutrition and more strength. And let’s face it, every girl wants to look good. The Six Sister’s Strong Program was my answer. One of my goals was to be strong enough to pack my special grandson Landon on his class field trip. Though many of the dads offered to help I said, “Thank you, but I have trained to do this on my own.” We made it, oxygen tank and all! I am so happy that I joined the program. It really changed my ability to have the strength I need to be a farm wife and grandmother.”        -Debbie H

Debbie SSStrong

“I love Six Sisters Strong! I have struggled with being overweight for many years and failed time and time again with different diets and/or exercise programs. This program is the complete package! Healthy, yummy meal plans; at-home and gym exercises created by trainers, who are also available to answer any questions and provide helpful tips. The Goal Setting Workbook…[was] key for me. I dropped one size, had muscle definition and felt stronger than I had in years. I’m still using the program…and don’t plan to stop anytime soon.”         -Jeneane W

“I joined the Six Sister Strong program back in April hoping to lose some weight and change the way my family eats.  I have 2 teenage boys living at home and they are picky eaters.  They loved all the meals I cooked which was nice so I did not have to cook 2 meals at dinner time.  My whole family was eating healthy! The best part is someone told what to make for each meal!! The workouts were easy to understand and simple to do. I ended up losing 12 pounds during the program and felt great!  The trainers were very helpful and encouraging. Thanks Six Sisters for coming up with a program that really works.”       -Kristy F


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