Weight Loss Goal Setting Questions to Ask Yourself

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How to set your weight loss goals on SixSistersStrong

When it comes to weight loss, you won’t get anywhere without goals.

Get a notebook and dedicate this notebook for your goals. Answer each one of these questions in as much detail as possible. The more specific you are the better because it will give you a map for how to reach your goals and keep them! Keep the answers to these questions in a place where you can read over them once a week to recommit to why you are doing this.

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What are your fitness goals over the course of the next 12 months?

What have been your reasons for why you have not reached your fitness goals?

What is your plan to eliminate these obstacles so you can reach your goals?

Who can you recruit as a support partner or accountability partner?

How will you reward yourself on a weekly basis?

What will be your key things you will measure to track your progress?

What is your real “why” for wanting to change? (Spouse, family, friends)

How many days will you commit to working out per week?

What day will you choose to be your cheat day and what will you eat?

When you do reach a roadblock what will be your strategy to manage it?

What will your new wardrobe look like?

How will getting into better shape change your life?

When you look into the mirror how do you feel emotionally? If you are not happy with what you see how will you change that?

What stresses you out the most and how will you proactively manage that?