HOST YOUR OWN 2 Month Healthy Habits Accountability Challenge


Ready to get healthy?

This 2 Month Healthy Habits Accountability Challenge is a fun thing to do with family, friends, co-workers, or even by yourself to help you make some healthy habits that will hopefully turn into a healthy lifestyle – and now we are making all of our tools and trackers available so that you can host your own!

We have done this with groups as small as 5 people and groups as large as 50 people and all were effective! We have found that the optimal group size is 10-15 people.

This program is broken down week by week (8 weeks total). Each week, you have a new accountability tracker sheet which outlines the healthy choices that are recommended for each day. For each healthy choice you make, you get a checkmark. At the end of the week, count up the number of checkmarks you earned and you will report that number, along with your current weight, to your challenge leader. At the end of the challenge, there are two challenge “winners” – one who has earned the most points, and one who has lost the largest percentage of their starting weight.

What’s Included:
-instructions of how the accountability challenge will work
-instructions for the challenge leader
-printable point trackers for each participant
-printable weekly planners for each participant
-challenge leader trackers so that they can keep track of each participant’s progress and hold them accountable
-printable food journal for each participant

The healthy habits focused on in this challenge:
-getting 7+ hours of sleep
-30 minutes of physical activity per day
-drinking water
-meal planning
-no soda, diet soda, or alcohol
-no refined sugar
-eating fruits and vegetables
-tracking what you eat (either a food journal or smartphone app)
-communicating with other people in your group

**THIS PRODUCT is an electronic product, meaning that it will be delivered to you via email. You can then download it onto your phone, tablet, or desktop. We recommend saving it to your computer and then emailing the trackers to the people who want to do the challenge with you.