8 Week Beginners Workout Plan


The goal behind this e-book is simple – start with someone who has little-to-no experience exercising, guide them through eight weeks of at-home workouts with minimal equipment required, and come out the other side stronger, healthier, and ultimately happier; both with themselves and their progress.

Inside you will find 4 workouts per week for an entire 8 weeks. While these workouts are designed for beginners, do not mistake that for easy! It will be a challenge, and it will be difficult, but if you can stick with it and challenge yourself to daily improvement I guarantee that you will see incredible results!

What’s Included:
-50+ workouts (bonus 10 minute burner workouts and weekly challenges)
-15 healthy, easy and delicious recipes
-multiple tips to help you achieve your goals
-my favorite motivational quotes to help keep you going

These workouts can be done at home
. Some of the workouts are video workouts (that are viewed on YouTube), so please be aware of that before you make your purchase. In this eBook, there will be a daily link that you click on to take you to your workout – the individual workouts cannot be printed out like the other workout plans sold on Six Sisters’ Strong (which is why they are priced less).


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