8 Week Advanced Workout Plan

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This 8-week advanced workout plan developed by Jared from Tone-and-Tighten (a physical therapist who specializes in exercise prescription) is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Inside you’ll find over 75 different workouts- these workouts usually take about 30-60 minutes with very little equipment required (just a set of dumbbells). The emphasis here is hitting the workouts hard – we’ll work on shredding your arms, abs, legs, and just about everywhere in between! The perfect follow-up to the 8 Week Beginners Workout Plan.

This ebook includes 5 different workouts per week to target every part of your body. The muscle confusion that you experience from all the different workouts will help you see results quickly.

These workouts can be done at home. Some of the workouts are video workouts (that are viewed on YouTube), so please be aware of that before you make your purchase. In this eBook, there will be a daily link that you click on to take you to your workout – these workouts cannot be printed out like the other workout plans.



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