6 Week Home Workout Plan for Beginners – Back to Basics


Looking to start a workout program but you’re unsure where to start?

Maybe you’ve tried some of the “mainstream” home workout plans and they were just too intense for you?

Well you’ve come to the right place! What if I told you there was a way to get your heart rate up and build muscle safely at only 30 minutes a day with zero equipment required? Well it’s here…


Featuring 6 weeks of workouts – every week there’s a new total body, upper body, lower body, and core workout. The workouts are designed to work every major muscle groups in a safe, controlled way that’s perfect for beginners.

Every workout is completely unique with video instruction included. Videos also include options for every exercise to make them more challenging. You can completely customize each workout so that it meets your own specific individual needs!

Best of all – there’s zero equipment required (intermediate and advanced options may call for light resistance), and the workouts take about 30 minutes to get through.

Finally – at only $29.97 (only $5 a week) it’s one of the smallest investments you’ll make towards improving yourself.


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