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Camille, Kristen, Elyse, Stephanie, Lauren, and Kendra
6 biological sisters who are wives, mothers, employees, and students. We are real women with real body types and even though we are sisters, our bodies couldn’t be more different. We love to workout and feeding our families healthy food is important, but we also love a good brownie every once in a while. We are on a quest to find a happy balance and are so excited to share the workout plans and eating plans that we develop with the other members of our team! You can find us at



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Greg has been in fitness industry for close to ten years helping people get into shape and change their lives through the use of exercise and nutritional programs. He is the author of the book “Body Fit: A Beginner’s Guide to Fitness” and the owner of the fitness company Fiture Metamorphosis which has 4 locations in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Fiture is a team of certified personal trainers who provide programs both online and offline. They specialize in helping women get into better shape by providing the information and tools necessary to not only get fitness results but most importantly keep them.



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Jared is a Doctor of Physical Therapy that specializes in exercise prescription. Being physically active has always been an important part of his life and helping others go from a state of inactivity and progress them to a level of being in shape is what he loves to do. His whole profession revolves around prescribing exercise to target and strengthen key muscle groups to achieve their maximum capability. He loves what he does and he is excited to be able to share some of his exercise and workout knowledge with us.

Jared also owns a health and fitness website: Tone and Tighten: Real Fitness for Real People. There he shares workouts, healthy recipes, and tips to prevent and help injuries. Check out all his other workout plans HERE.




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Brooke is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and is passionate about teaching others how to eat for fantastic health and improved energy. Creating menus while balancing real life, meal choices your family will love all while keeping your goals in mind are where she excels. She also has 16 years experience in the dietary supplement industry, her insight and practical recommendations can keep you from wasting a lot on money. Brooke is the author of the blog and website Think Inside The Blender, which she created to share how she was able to improve the health of her picky kiddos with a daily fruit and veggie smoothie. The down-to-earth, real content inspires readers to grow it, freeze it, blend it and feel it!