Accountability Program FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions about 2 Month Accountability Program


1. Why did you change from the 8 Week Challenge?
We loved the 8 Week Challenge, but due to some legal issues, we had to make some changes and feel that this is a more effective alternative. We had been wanting to add more of an accountability emphasis to our website and are excited to offer this program to our readers instead. We are passionate about helping you feel healthy and know that this is a great addition to the products and programs we offer.

2. Do I get extra checkmarks for exercising more than 5 days a week?
You can physical activity each day (in fact, it’s recommended to do some type of physical activity every day!), but you will only receive checkmarks for exercising 5 days a week. Although, if you end up exercising those two days, you may be a better contender for the weight loss percentage winner!

3. Why can I only earn a checkmarks for not eating refined sugar 6 days a week?
You can choose to not each sugar/treats each day, but you will only receive a checkmark for not eating sugar on 6 of those days. Research shows that if you plan your “cheat meal” or “cheat treat” in advance, your chances of sticking with your plan long-term are much higher.
You can read more about it here.

4. What defines something that has refined sugar?
You can get as detailed as you want about this, but we want to keep it relatively simple. We feel the following things are what we will count as refined sugar in this program:
-all candy
-baked goods that use refined sugar (cake, doughnuts, cookies, etc)
-sugary drinks (energy drinks, sports drinks, soda, lemonade, fruit punch, flavored lattes, Kool Aid, etc)

*honey, agave, and other natural sweeteners are acceptable, but please remember moderation in all things

We know that there are many sugars hidden in processed foods, but we feel that by removing the above mentioned foods from your diet, you will see a huge difference. If you would like, you could choose to personally eliminate other refined sugars from your diet, but that is a personal choice.

5. I really can’t drink soda or diet soda while using this program?!
Well, you can . . . you just can’t earn a checkmark for the days you indulge in these drinks. It’s a personal choice – if you are ready to make healthy changes, then we recommend following this guideline. All of these drinks are linked to weight gain and very addicting, so we like to use this program as a reason to cut them out of your life.
Diet sodas are one of those most deceiving drinks out there. Even though diet soda doesn’t have “sugar” in it and zero calories, it has artificial sweeteners in it (like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose) that confuse your brain and the long term effects are pretty scary- studies show that diet sodas are actually linked to weight gain. If you have been wanting to kick a bad habit of drinking soda or alcohol, this is the perfect time to do it!

6. Can I add things to my water when I drink it?
We recommend only adding fresh produce (like limes or lemons or even fresh mint leaves). Things such as Crystal Light and other products that add flavor are loaded with artificial sweeteners and chemicals and will count as a refined sugar.

7. Can I do this challenge alone?
Definitely! In fact, this program is set-up so that anyone can join by themselves and instantly feel part of a community who has similar goals. You can also invite family and friends to join this program and do it with you.

8. Something has come up and I am not going to be able to finish the challenge. Can I get my money back?
No refunds will be given because once the program has started, the prizes will be announced and your program fee is included in that prize money.

9. Do I have to use the included workout plans and/or menu plans?
Definitely not. You can use whatever workouts you prefer or eating plan you prefer during the 2 months that you are in the program. As long as you are exercising for 30 minutes a day, eating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, drinking recommended water amount, cutting out sugar, soda, and alcohol, you will receive the highest amount of checkmarks you can for each day.

10. Do I have to send in my weight? I would rather not share that number.
For this program, you are required to send in your weight in order to qualify for the cash prizes.
I know that no one likes weighing themselves but we promise that if you give us all you have for the duration of this program, you will be so proud of the number you see on the scale!

We have found that the programs that have been the most successful are the ones where you are held accountable for the number on the scale. For these 2 months, your job is to send in your weekly points earned, along with a picture of you standing on the scale with your current weight. Why a picture of you standing on the scale? To prove that it’s your current weight – with two feet firmly planted, there really isn’t a way to manipulate that number. Even if you lie about the number of checkmarks you earned, the scale will tell the truth.

11. What are the prizes?
During this challenge, you will be placed on a team of 8-12 people (depending on how many sign up). Each team will have a winner of who has the highest percentage of weight loss (like they do on The Biggest Loser) and a winner of who made the most healthy choices and earned the most checkmarks (points). Each of those winners will receive a $35 Amazon gift card. The team that collectively makes the most healthy choices will also receive a prize (each team member will get a $10 Amazon gift card).


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